Training & Capacity Building

We are a global training consultancy that focuses on offering cutting edge, innovative, relevant and on time training interventions for our clients and address the training needs of those individuals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence.

Our focus spans from project managers, middle management to any other staff who are perhaps being groomed for greater responsibility or want to do better than they currently are in their positions. PIC offers specialized business and leadership skills instructor-led training. Our relationship with industry bodies ensures that our training is always relevant and up to date. As a Professional training provider associated with international institutions, we also offer business, marketing, technology, finance, language and other related courses that are aligned to accredited certifications.

Together with our course development partners, we are also able to work with the client to develop high quality training courses and understand that the needs of different organizations are always unique. Our courses will therefore always be customized to address the particular industry or organization that you, the client operate in. Therefore we see ourselves as partners in training rather than providers of training.

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